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This site on Route 66 is famous for “Roy’s Diner” and its large 50’s-era sign. As of August 2009, the gas station was open for business, and it appeared that the diner was also open. The diner and its iconic sign have been featured in movies, TV commercials and music videos.

(Photo at right by Mark Dunakin.)

Amboy was named in 1883 but dates back as far as 1858. The primary businesses of the town are the Santa Fe/BNSF railroad; and the chloride works on nearby Bristol dry lake. But it was catering to travelers that really kept the town going, and the town pretty much died off after Interstate 40 opened in 1973.

For many years Amboy was owned by Buster Burris, one of the most colorful characters of the Mojave desert. He sold the town shortly before his death in 2000 at age 92.

The motel and school have been closed for many years. The post office was still in use in the early 1990’s, but I believe it is no longer open. There are several other abandoned buildings in and around the town.

Another famous feature is Amboy Crater, a volcanic cinder cone a few miles to the west. It is surrounded by large fields of black lava.

Last updated August 2015.

Click here to see video of a BNSF freight train passing through Amboy.

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Amboy, CA