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The Aragonite Mine is a small, isolated mine in the hills of western Nevada. The mine has some very interesting features. There are two shafts. The current shaft has a unique headframe that has part of a steel frame attached to a newer wooden frame. The large sheave on the steel frame is not in line with the shaft and can’t be used, so it obviously has been moved from its original location. The wood frame is equipped with a heavy block and tackle that was more recently used.

The other shaft has no headframe and is not aligned with the hoist house, so it must be from an earlier period.

The hoist house contains a small, two-drum hoist that was powered by the engine of a car. At the other end of the hoist house is a fairly modern Gardner-Denver compressor, driven by an Allis-Chalmers engine. A sign on the hoist house indicates that this is still an active claim.

A wooden outhouse is located a short distance from the hoist house.

I visited this site in 2020 and shot some great video:

Updated February 2021.

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Aragonite Mine, NV