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This large, defunct ranch compound is slowly rotting away near Dyer, NV. I don’t know the history of this place, and wonder what led to it being abandoned.

I wanted to get some aerial shots but it was much too windy to fly the drone when I was there.


In November 2021 I was contacted by Pauline Sullivan, who kindly provided this tidbit of the ranch’s history:

"My Mom's entire family lived there 1953-1961.  Her Dad, Ernest Pellkofer bought the ranch, and worked it with cattle and a haying operation, along with other farm animals: chickens, horses, etc.  There were four families there: Ernest, his wife, and three children and their progeny.   By the end of 1961 that numbered 20 family members.  The 12 kids were aged 0-13 by '61, so it was mostly the three adult males who ran the ranch, with Ernest taking care of the finances. Under Ernest's care the ranch became a show piece." 

Last updated March 2022.

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