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The first rich strikes in the area were made sometime around 1865, and soon the town of Belmont was born. Within a couple years it had a population of at least 4000. After a fierce rivalry with the town of Ione, booming Belmont became the new county seat, and a two-story brick courthouse was built, with construction starting in 1874.

At its peak, Belmont had six mills, three newspapers and at least 100 businesses. But a few years later things were slowing down as the mines gradually played out, and mining equipment was being moved to newer strikes. The last newspaper ceased publication in 1901, and in 1905 the county seat was moved to Tonopah.

Since I first visited there in 1987, Belmont has experienced a minor boom as more people have moved in and new homes have been built. There is also a “bed & breakfast”, a saloon, and a few small tourist-related businesses.

Last updated August 2017.

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