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The Black Butte Mine is located on a hillside directly below the dark, rocky peak for which it was named.  I’ve been unable to find out any of the history of the mine. The mine is no longer being worked but it is currently used for seismic studies by the University of California and Livermore Laboratory. The adit is sealed with a metal door. Nearby is a satellite dish which transmits data from the seismic sensors deep inside the mine. The mine’s original tracks are still in place, along with a chute for loading the ore into a truck.

Below the mine is the site of the New Boston Mill. All that remains today are large foundations of dark brown and green stone. In 1879 there was a small town associated with the mill, with a post office, two stores, saloons, and a restaurant. In 1881 the narrow gauge Carson & Colorado Railroad was built through the area and a station was established with the name “New Boston”. However, the mill operated only sporadically, and burned down in 1884.

Updated August 2016.

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Black Butte Mine and New Boston Mill, NV