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The Black Forest Mine is one of several prominent mines in the Spruce Mountain District, and also one of the oldest. Ore was discovered here in 1869. The mine is located in a canyon at an elevation of 8300 feet.

The mine went through several cycles of boom and bust. The financial panic of 1907 slowed production until 1918. In 1924 the Spruce Mountain Monarch Company took over the Black Forest Mine. They dug a 7000-foot haulage tunnel between the Monarch Mine and the Black Forest Mine. That same year a post office was established at the camp. A school was opened here a few years later.

The post office closed in 1943, and by 1952 the mine shut down for good.

This rustic mining camp has a few buildings still standing, as well as some in ruins. It also has some fascinating artifacts, including a big Fairbank-Morse two-cylinder diesel engine, and an Ingersoll-Rand air compressor. The blacksmith’s shop includes an intact forge and smoke hood, plus a work bench and shelves.

Updated February 2021.

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Black Forest Mine, NV