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The Bonnie Claire townsite was built in 1904 on the valley floor near the Thorp stage station, and replaced an earlier camp called Thorp’s Well. At first the town was called Thorp, then Montana Station. In 1906 the newly built Bullfrog Goldfield Railroad arrived, followed about a year later by the Las Vegas & Tonopah Railroad. The LV&T built a depot here. A new mill was built about a mile to the north, on the slope of a hill.

Today all that remains are a wooden cabin and the ruins of a small mine and headframe. The cabin has two front doors, side by side, leading me to believe it was a sort of duplex. Later the dividing wall was removed, and the cabin was expanded with an extra room added at the rear, and a tiny, early-vintage travel trailer grafted onto the end of the cabin.

There are two graves located a few hundred feet from the mine. One is the grave of a four-year-old girl who died in 1911. The other is the final resting place of a female of unknown age, born in 1898. The date of death is obscured by damage to the marker.

Posted September 2014.

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