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The Boxcar Cabin is a former mining camp located at a remote site in the Mojave Desert. The cabin itself was made from an old-fashioned, narrow gauge boxcar. The boxcar probably came from the Souther Pacific Narrow Gauge Railroad, or possibly the Death Valley Railroad.

Prospectors worked claims here in the 1930s. In 1958 William Carpenter filed the Buckhorn claim. The boxcar may have been acquired and moved to the site at that time.

The first time I came to this site was in 1990. At that time the cabin was in poor shape. The door was missing and there was no glass in the windows. Volunteers refurbished the cabin a few years later under the BLM’s “Adopt A Cabin” program.

I returned to this site in 2020, thirty years after my first visit, and shot some great video (below). The video also features the nearby Lee Mines:

Posted February 2021.

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Boxcar Cabin, CA