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The main feature at this site is the cabin made from a former boxcar. The history of the boxcar is unknown, but my guess is that it most likely from the Carson & Colorado/Southern Pacific Narrow Gauge railroad, or possibly the Death Valley Railroad. It appears to be the right size for an early narrow gauge car, and both railroads were not too far from here. The cabin has been officially “adopted” through the BLM’s “Adopt A Cabin” program.

According to a history of the site posted inside the cabin, the first mine claims in the area date back to the 1930s. The original Buckhorn claim was filed in 1958, with additional claims being added in 1961. It is unknown when the cabin was put here, or by whom. It was occupied into the early 1980s.

My only previous visit here was about 1990 or so. At that time the cabin was not maintained. The windows were broken out and I think the door was missing. It’s good to see it in better condition now.

Last updated September 2014.

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Buckhorn Mine - Boxcar Cabin, CA