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Carrara Nevada was named for the famous marble-producing region of Italy. High quality marble was found in the hills south of Beatty in 1911, and a company was formed to begin quarrying. The townsite was laid out in the valley below the quarry, along the Las Vegas & Tonopah Railroad tracks.

The town peaked at about 150 residents in the years 1915 and 1916. Sadly, the marble proved to be too fractured for viable commercial use, and after several years the quarry closed. The town was pretty much dead by 1924.

Little remains of the site today. Some concrete foundations of the cutting and milling plant are visible alongside the highway. A short distance to the east one can find a single chimney and several small foundations from the town itself.

About a mile and a half to the north are much larger concrete ruins. These are the remains of the Philippine Cement Company plant that was built in 1935. The company ran into financial problems and the plant was abandoned before it was ever used.

In the hills east of the cement plant ruins one can find an ore bin and other remnants of the Gold Ace Mine.

Updated July 2016.

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Carrara, NV