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This mine was started in 1909 and was worked until 1938. It was the last operating mine in the Masonic mining district. In the 1950s and 1960s a lone prospector worked the mine, just getting out enough good ore to get by. His presence at the site probably helped prevent it from being destroyed sooner.

Because there is so much to see at this site, I’ve decided to provide a separate page for each area of interest. This page is dedicated to the mine’s adit and stope. Follow the link below to visit my Chemung Mine, CA page and see the other features of this historic mining complex.

The mine consists of a pair of adits (tunnels) near the small mill, and a stope that follows the ore vein far up the hill, often open at the surface. These surface openings have been covered by heavy steel grates to prevent people falling into the depths. The adits are also protected by steel grates.

Posted August 2013.

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Chemung Mine, CA -- The Adit and Stope