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The Clifford Brothers struck silver here in 1905, and soon there was a booming new town at the site. Population peaked in 1908 at about 500 people, and the town had houses, tents, saloons, stores, a dance hall, boarding houses and a hotel. Soon though, the rich ore began to run out, and a silver panic exacerbated the situation. The post office closed on July 15, 1909.

There was a brief revival beginning in 1925, but financial problems arose and the mines shut down again in 1929. A fire in 1946 destroyed the last two intact buildings.

As of 2015, there are still some interesting artifacts to see here. On the small hill where most of the mining took place, there is a large ore bin and trestle, some rusting equipment, and numerous mine shafts. At the town site nearby stands the stone walls of building made of beautiful pink and white sandstone; a collapsing dugout; several stone foundations; and the rusting remains of a 1920s-era pickup truck (possibly a Ford Model T?)

The mine ruins.

The town site.

Posted August 2015

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