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Note: I’ve given this mine a fake name to protect it from vandalism.

The “Cole Slaw” mine is a small gold mining camp in a very remote area of Nevada. The mines here produced native, free-milling gold from quartz veins. This type of ore requires minimal processing. A small mill was built which used crushers and shakers to separate the gold from the quartz. The mill building still stands but the equipment has been removed.

Mining began here in the 1920s and continued off and on for many years. Some activity may have taken place as late as the 1990s. There is one modern, prefab structure which was probably moved here during that period.

There is a single, two-room cabin covered with corrugated metal. It appears to be very secure but rodents have found a way in and infested the building. The interior is littered with droppings and has a foul smell. I entered through the side door and took a couple photos, but quickly left due to the smell and risk of disease. The rodent infestation is unfortunate because the building is in excellent condition.

Nearby is a small, low structure that served as a garage and/or workshop. A large water tank stands at the edge of the slope south of the cabin. Just beyond the water tank is an old outhouse in poor condition. A second outhouse is on the hill behind the cabin.

I visited this site in 2020 and got some great video:

Updated February 2021.

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“Cole Slaw” Mine, NV