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Comet Mine, NV

The only information I’ve found about this site says that the mine was first located in 1882 as the “Silver Comet” mine, and it was worked continuously until the 1930’s. However, some work obviously must have continued after WWII -- a foundation in the hoist house is dated 1946.

Because there is so much to see at this site, I’ve decided to provide a separate page for each area of interest. Below you’ll see a few photos of each structure. Clicking on any of these will take you to that structure’s page, where you will be able to see many more photos showing all details of the structure and its surroundings.

This is a great old site, with extensive ruins and structures. If you ever visit this mine in person, please take good care of it so that it can be enjoyed for many years to come!

Posted August 2012.

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Comet Mine:

Headframe, Hoist House and Ore Bins

Comet Mine:

Ingersoll-Rand Two-Cylinder Compressor

The Comet Mine’s belt-driven “Imperial Type 10” compressor appears to be fairly intact. The compressor was used to supply air for the drills in the mine. The compressed air was contained in a huge, riveted steel tank outside of the hoist house. The foundation for the compressor is dated 7-1946.

Comet Mine:

Single-Cylinder Compressor

This belt-driven, single-cylinder compressor was photographed at the Comet Mine, NV. This compressor was probably used prior to installation of the larger, two-cylinder compressor.

I was unable to find a builder’s plate on this compressor, so I don’t know the make or model. I’m guessing this one may have been made by Ingersoll-Rand, but I can’t be sure.

Comet Mine:

Mill Ruins

The mill ruins appear to be the oldest area of the Comet Mine, and include this large ore bin, various tanks and pieces of equipment, and a couple of open mine shafts.

Comet Mine:

House Ruins

Down the hill from the mine ruins I came across the ruins of a small house, possibly the home of the mine superintendent. A small stone structure is adjacent to the house.

Comet Mine:


This bunkhouse is located across the canyon from the mill ruins.

Comet Mine:

Trailer-Cabin and Water Tank

North of the hoist house, hidden among the trees, is the tattered remains of an old travel trailer that had been converted into a cabin, with a small room added to the back. A bit farther north is a large, steel water tank.