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The Croesus Mine, aka the Eureka-Croesus Mine, was built in 1917 on earlier claims dating back to the 1870s. Using newer, more efficient, technology and methods, they were able to make a profit from ores that had previously been unprofitable. However, the mine was hit hard by the silver crash of 1920, which saw a huge drop in the price of silver, and in 1923 the mine shut down.

Originally there were several structures here, but now only the hoist house and ore bin remain. The hoist house contains some fascinating vintage equipment, including an air-powered, double-drum hoist; and an Ingersoll-Rand 2-stage compressor. The compressor was originally powered by a 60hp Fairbanks-Morse gasoline engine, but that engine is now missing.


Double-Drum Air Hoist   

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vintage hoist.

Ingersoll-Rand Two-Cylinder Compressor  

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vintage air compressor.

Posted September 2018.

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Croesus Mine, NV