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Danby was built in 1883 as a water stop on the Atlantic & Pacific Railroad (later absorbed by the AT&SF).

For many years the oldest and most interesting structures were two or three wooden cabins near the tracks, possibly dating back to the site’s origin. Sadly, these buildings were gone when I visited Danby in 2014.

The remaining ruins include a sprawling miner’s cabin from the 1950‘s. A bit farther from the tracks, behind the site of the original cabins, there is a ramshackle, home-built mill which was apparently used to process ore from a mine a few miles away. This equipment appears to have been in operation in modern times, perhaps as late as the early 1980’s.

There is also a small stucco house here, a fallen shed or workshop, and a modern, metal and drywall building.

Updated September 2014.

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Danby, CA