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Danville is located in the Monitor Range of central Nevada. Silver was mined off and on here beginning in the 1870’s. The last time ore was shipped from Danville was shortly after WWII, and then Danville became a ghost for good.

Existing ruins are few. On the north side of the canyon there is the remains of a stone structure, built partially with cut blocks of sandstone. Across the creek on the south side of the canyon is a wood-framed building bearing the name “Cochise Mining Company” on the door. This structure appears to have been refurbished at some point in its history, with the original clapboard siding being partially replaced with plywood. Wooden trays of ore samples are found inside. In back is an outhouse, still in useable condition.

Nearby is a stone dugout with a log roof.

I arrived late in the day, with barely enough time to explore and photograph these few structures. I’d like to return someday and try to find some of the mines, and see if any other ruins exist farther up the canyon.

Posted August 2012.

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Danville, NV