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The Drew Mine is a mercury mine located east of the Keg Mine and a bit higher up the mountain. Al Drew and H. Farnham located this claim in 1914. At that time they called it the Red Devils Mine. In 1917 they leased the mine to the Mina Quicksilver Company. The mine produced another 136 flasks of mercury before the ore ran out in 1918.

In 1919 Al Drew and a new partner reopened the mine and found enough new ore to keep the mine in operation until 1943.

The mine shaft has caved in and the small wooden headframe is falling apart. The only buildings at the site are a small shack and a large cabin. There is also a root cellar that has caved in.

I visited this mine in 2020. It is briefly covered in the second half of my video featuring the Keg Mine:

Posted February 2021

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Drew Mine, NV