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This mill was built in 1938 to serve the nearby South Gold mine. The mine was worked intermittently until WWII. The mill shows evidence of changes to the configuration and equipment over the years. Currently there is a ball mill here, which apparently was installed much later and may have been used to process talc from farther up the canyon.

There are three main levels to the mill. At the top is the ore dump. In the middle is an International Harvester engine that powered belt-driven equipment, including a conveyor and possibly a crusher.

The bottom level is the largest, and contains some pulleys and other gear left over from the early days. Whatever belt-driven equipment was here originally is gone, replaced by a ball mill. A Hobart Brothers generator provided power for this equipment, and dates back to the 1950s.

Access between the three levels was originally via stairs and catwalks outside the mill. However, these have rotted and fallen apart. Now one must hike or drive the trails leading to each level, and the middle level requires some climbing to enter it. Note that the trail to the middle level does not have room to turn a vehicle, so it’s best to park at the bottom and hike up.

Hobart Brothers Generator

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International Harvester Engine

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Posted August 2015

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