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Above: Two photos from 1997. The conveyor and steel ore bins have been removed since then.

Below: Two photos showing how the site looked in 2017.

Despite its name, this large mine is not even close to the town of Ely. It’s actually near Pioche, NV.

The only history I’ve found for this mine, is that ore deposits were discovered in 1907, and the first year of production was 1926. There are two separate shafts and headframes. The smaller wooden headframe is presumably the original 1926 shaft. The larger steel frame and shaft must have been built later.

The entire complex is fenced and posted against trespassing. According to the signs there are game cameras used to catch violators. Thus the site is only accessible by drone.

I have some great aerial video here:

July 2016: Added scanned photos from 1994 and 1997.

Updated August 2017.

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Ely Valley Mine, NV