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STATUS  Cancelled

DESCRIPTION  Morphworld was going to be a full-color, CD-ROM adventure game with Myst-style navigation. The graphics were being created by modeling everything in a 3D app, then rendering the images for a very realistic appearance. The premise of the game was that the player is stranded on a lava planet, with a machine that can “morph” the entire planet.

WHAT WENT WRONG?  First off, 3D modeling and rendering is an extremely time-consuming process, which was taking a lot longer than I’d expected.

Secondly, it requires more advance, detailed planning than I’m used to -- making up major game elements as you go doesn’t work very well when you have to model entire sections of the game world before you can render the scenes.

Third, I had a couple of bad computer failures that wiped out all my work. I was able to recover most of the graphics but had to recreate the game from scratch. This set me back at least a year.

Fourth, the game engine I was using (Adventure Creator) was no longer being supported, and soon become incompatible with newer versions of the Mac OS. This was the nail in the coffin. I had no way to get around it, and there was no point in continuing work on a game that would only work on a few prehistoric Macs.

FUTURE  I put a ton of work into Morphworld, and  it had some great stories and puzzles. I’d like to find a way to salvage it someday, perhaps in a shorter form. It will depend on whether I can find a suitable game-making application.

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There are a couple games I’ve started work on that have never been finished, and people ask about them all the time. I’m also frequently asked if I will ever make any new games. I’ll try to provide some answers on this page.

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A Royal Mess

STATUS  Doomed

DESCRIPTION  This was to be the third game in the “Mess” series, after “Another Fine Mess” and “A Mess O’Trouble”. Like those games, it used the World Builder game engine, with no sound and simple black and white graphics.

WHAT WENT WRONG?  I made quite a bit of progress on this game but set it aside when Adventure Creator came out. The World Builder app was getting pretty outdated, and it seemed logical at the time to concentrate on a new game engine that could produce games with color and sound.

FUTURE  There’s not much chance I’ll ever finish this one, now that WB games are no longer playable under OS X. In fact, I don’t think I even have the files for this game anymore.

Will I ever make new games?

I’d like to. I have plenty of good ideas left, and I always enjoyed making games. But first I’d have to find a suitable game-making application --  something that’s easy to use; powerful; capable of handling the kind of games I make; and doesn’t take years to learn.

These days, time is an even bigger issue. My life and interests have changed greatly since the last time I made a new game (almost 20 years ago!) Back then I often spent 12-16 hours a day, for a year, on each game. I don’t have nearly that much time these days. And truth be told, my enthusiasm level is not that high anymore either.