Ghost Towns, Mines, and More



Access: Be aware that access to any of these sites may be restricted, and that the status of any site may change. What was accessible one year may be off-limits the next.  In some cases I have received special access to property that is otherwise restricted. Please respect private property and “no trespassing” signs.

Danger: Old or abandoned mines and buildings can be dangerous. Hazards run the gamut from minor issues such as stepping on rusted nails, to serious injuries and even death due to snake bites, collapsing structures, and unmarked, open mine shafts. Entering mines should be done only by those with the proper training and equipment.

Most of these sites are very remote and far beyond cellphone range. If you get into trouble, it will take a very long time to get help, at best. At worst, no one will even know you need help.

Vandalism: These historic sites are a part of our national heritage and should be treasured, not destroyed! One of the biggest threats to old sites is vandalism, including graffiti, littering, destruction of structures, and fire. Many sites have been lost forever as a result. Others have been fenced off or otherwise placed off-limits due to the thoughtless acts of stupid, selfish people.

One common problem even among people who wouldn’t normally commit other forms of vandalism, is the burning of wood from old buildings. If you really want a campfire, collect some deadwood, or bring your own.

Behave Responsibly: Don’t go to these places to get drunk or stoned or carry on in a reckless manner. There’s plenty of open desert for that. Illicit or obnoxious behavior can lead to damage of these sites, or unwanted government intrusion and restrictions. I’ve seen some sites which have been bulldozed by the BLM due to being trashed by drunken idiots or used for meth labs, etc.

Extremists: The Sierra Club and other environmental extremists, including many politicians and bureaucrats, are the Number One threat to the exploration and enjoyment of the desert and its historic sites. Whereas vandals can only damage or destroy specific features, the Sierra Club and their cronies in government can close off vast areas forever, effectively wiping them out of existence. They will not be satisfied until every last inch of land is locked up. DO NOT SUPPORT THESE GROUPS OR THEIR POLITICIANS!!!

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for you or your actions. I make no claims as to the safety, accessibility or legality of visiting any of these sites, mines or structures.

Also of interest:

Vintage Machinery and Vehicles

Photos of interesting old machinery, vehicles and other equipment found at ghost towns, mines, or elsewhere. Great reference material for modelers!

New Photos Added Aug. 2017

Tonopah Central Nevada Museum

Photos of authentic Old West buildings, including interiors; mining equipment; machinery; and other historic artifacts. A treasure trove of reference photos for modelers!

Tonopah Historical Mining Park 

Photos of original, well-preserved mines. Includes both wood and steel headframes, plus complete hoisting machinery and other interior details A treasure trove of reference photos for modelers!

Nevada Trip 2017   - New! August 2017

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        Part Five  

Nevada Trip 2016   - New! August 2016

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Nevada Trip 2015  

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Nevada Trip 2014  

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Nevada Trip 2010  

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Nevada Trip 2009

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Nevada Trip 2008

Native Artifacts 

Photos of petroglyphs and other Indian artifacts that I’ve encountered on my trips.

Lightning Photos 

Beautiful photos of desert thunderstorms, rainbows, and other weather phenomenon.

Desert Wildflowers 

The desert is a colorful place in the spring!

Desert Wildlife 

A few of the critters I’ve encountered.

Note to modelers:

Many of the structures I’ve photographed would make great additions to your model railroad. It is my hope that these photos can be a useful reference resource.

If you need larger, higher resolution images, just let me know. Also, in many cases I have additional detail photos and alternate viewing angles that have not been posted online.

New pics added Aug. 2017! 

Modeler’s Resource Page

A special collection of photos with modelers and artists in mind, categorized by subject. Includes Doors, Windows, Roofs and Roof Details, Weathered Wood, Weathered Metal, Steel Drums, Sidewalks and Concrete, and many more subjects!

Unusual Sites

These are places of interest that are hard to categorize. They aren’t ghost towns or mines, but they may have some historical significance. Or they may simply be strange.

Project Faultless Site, NV 

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AB Mine, NV

Aguereberry Camp, CA

Alhambra Mine, CA

Amboy, CA

Ames Camp, NV

Atolia, CA 

Austin, NV  New Pics 2017!

Baker, NV 

Ballarat, CA

Bar Double 9 Ranch, NV  New Pics 2017!

Barcelona, NV

Barker Ranch, CA 

Beacon Hill Mine, NV

Beatty, NV

Bellehelen, NV including 

    Bellehelen townsite

    Merger Mine

    Ben Hur Mine

Belmont, NV  New Pics + Video! 2017

Belmont Mill - Hamilton District, NV  New Video!

Belmont Mine- Hamilton District, NV  New Video!

Belleville, NV 

Ben Hur Mine, NV 

Berlin, NV

Black Butte Mine, NV

Black Eagle Mine, CA

Black Hawk Mine, NV

Blair, NV

Blue Sphinx Mine, NV 

Bonnie Claire, NV

Bowery Mines, NV

Boyer Ranch, NV

Brannigan Mine, CA

Bridgeport, CA 

Brigg’s Camp, CA

Bristol Wells, NV

Broken Hills, NV

Buckhorn Mine/Boxcar Cabin, CA

Buffalo Summit, NV 

Butte Valley, CA

Caliente, NV

Callaway Well, NV

Carlin, NV

Carrara, NV

Castle Mine, CA  - New 2017 Pics and Video!

Cerro Gordo, CA

Chalk Mountain Mines, NV

Chemung Mine, CA 

Cherry Creek, NV 

Cima, CA 

Cinder Mines, CA  - New 2017 Pics and Video!

Clair Camp, CA

Clear Creek Ranch, NV 

Clifford, NV

Cloverdale, NV

Columbia Mine, CA

Columbus Dry Lake Region, NV  including:

    Borax Works 

    Broken Toe Mine

Comet Mine, NV  + Video

Corona Mine, CA

Cottonwood Creek, NV 

Cow Camp Springs, NV 

Coyote Hole, NV

Crater Sulfur Mine, CA - New 2017 Pics + Video!

Current Creek, NV

Danby, CA

Danville, NV 

Darwin, CA 

Daugherty Ranch, NV

Death Valley Junction, CA

Death Valley Mine, CA

Delamar, NV

Diamond Camp, NV

Diamond Tunnel, NV

Dublin City, CA

Eagle Mine and High Peak Mine, CA 

Eden Creek Mill, NV -- Lower Canyon

Eden Creek Mill, NV -- Upper Canyon 

Eden Creek Ranch, NV 

Ellsworth, NV

Ely, NV

Ely Valley Mine, NV - New 2017 Pics + Video!

El Capitan Mine, NV 

Estelle Tunnel, CA   + Video

Eureka, NV  (See also “Ruby HIll, NV”)

Evening Star Mine, CA

Evening Star Mine, NV 

Everett Mines, NV

    (Related: Keystone Drilling Rig)

Excelsior Mine, NV

Exchequer Canyon, NV 

Fish Lake Valley, NV

Four Aces Canyon Mines, NV

Four Aces Mine and Mill, NV

Gilbert, NV

Gillis Camp, NV 

Gold Bug Mine, NV 

Gold Ace Mine, NV 

Golden Arrow, NV 

Golden Pen Mine, NV  -

Golden Pen Mine, NV - Mill 

Goldfield, NV

    Goldfield, NV - Mines

    (Related: Goldfield Railroad Artifacts)

Gold Point, NV

    Gold Point, NV - Mines

Goler Canyon, CA - Mines and Cabin

Grantsville, NV

Gray Eagle Mine, CA

Green’s Camp, NV 

Gunmetal Mine, NV

Hamilton, NV - New 2017 Pics +Video!

Hamilton District - Belmont Mill, NV  New 2017 Video!

Hamilton District - Belmont Mine, NV  New 2017 Video!

Hess Ranch, NV - New 2017 Video!

High Peak Mine, CA (also Eagle Mine)

Hill Top Mine, NV

Home Station Well, NV - New 2017 Pics + Video!

Hot Creek Canyon, NV

Illinois Mill, NV  

Illinois Mine, NV 

Ione, NV

Jackrabbit Mine, NV

Jasper Queen Mine, CA

Jefferson, NV 

Johannesburg, CA

Johnson Boys Mine, NV

Julian, CA 

Kearsarge, CA

Keeler, CA 

Kelso, CA

Keystone Canyon, NV

Keystone, NV 

Knickerbocker, NV 

Lane City, NV

Last Chance Mine, CA

Laws, CA

Lead Mine, CA

Little Fish Lake Valley, NV 

Log Cabin Mine, CA 

Log Spring, NV 

Lookout City, CA

Lookout Mine, NV

Lotus Mine, CA

Lower Tule Canyon, NV 

Ludlow Mine, CA 

Luning, NV 

Manhattan, NV 

Marble Canyon Mines, CA 

Marrietta, NV 

Marrietta Mines, NV 

Mary Ellen Mine, NV 

Masonic, CA 

Mazourka Canyon, CA

McCoy Mine - Wild Horse Dist, NV - New Pics + Video!

McEllen Canyon, NV 

McGill, NV

McKinney Tanks, NV

Merger Mine, NV 

Middlegate Station, NV 

Mina, NV

Minerva, NV

Minnietta, CA

Mohawk Mine, NV 

Moho, NV 

Moho Mine, NV 

Monkeywrench Mine, NV

Mono Dome Cabin, CA 

Morning Star Mine Ore Bin and Tram, CA 

Nevada Cinnabar Mine, NV

Nevada Quicksilver Mine, NV

Nevada Rand Mine, NV

Nevada Scheelite Mine, NV

Newark, NV

New Boston, NV

New Century Mine, NV 

Newman’s Cabin, CA

New Method Mine, CA (aka Windy Point Mine) 

New Pass Mine and Mill, NV - New Pics + Video!

New Reveille, NV 

Ninemile Ranch, NV 

Nivloc Mine, NV

Noonday Mines, CA - East 

Noonday Mines, CA - West 

North Star Mines, NV 

Oasis, CA

Old Dale Mill, CA 

Olsen’s Folly, NV  

Ophir, NV

Osborne Camp, CA  - New 2017!  Plus Video!

Osceola, NV

Osdick Road Mines, CA - New 2017!

Owens Valley, CA

Palisade, NV

Palmetto, NV 

Park Canyon, NV

Paymaster Mine, CA

Pershing Mine, NV

Petersons Mill, NV - New 2017!

Pigeon Springs, NV 

Pine Tree Mine, NV 

Pine Valley, NV

Pioche, NV

    Pioche Mines, NV  New 2017!

Pioneer, NV

Placerites, NV

Poinsettia Mine, NV

Randsburg, CA

Rawhide Ranch, NV  

Red Mountain, CA

Red Rock Mine, NV 

Reese River Ranches, NV

    “White” Ranch, NV

    O’Toole Ranch, NV

    “Adobe” Dyer/Walsh Ranch, NV

    Hess/Walsh Ranch, NV + Video!

Reveille Mill, NV 

Reveille Range, NV 

Reward Mine, CA 

Reward Mine, NV 

Rhyolite, NV

Riley’s Camp, CA

Roosevelt Well, NV 

Round Meadow, NV

Ruby HIll, NV - New 2017 Pics and Video!

Saline Valley Tram Towers, CA 

Sawmill Canyon, NV

Scossa, NV

Seven Troughs, NV (coming soon)

Shadow Mountain, CA

Shermantown, NV 

Shoshone, CA

Sierra Mines, NV

Silver Bell Mine, NV

Silver Gulch Mine, NV

Silver Peak, NV - New 2017 Pics and Video!

Silver Peak Range, NV

Simon, NV

Spinelli Mine, CA

St. Lawrence Mine, NV

Star Mine, NV (Cherry Creek District) 

Stateline, NV 

Stella’s Camp, CA

Success Mine, CA 

Sunset Mine, CA 

Suitcase Mine, CA

Swansea, CA

Sweed Mine, CA

Sylvania Mine, NV

Sylvania, NV

Taylor Mine, NV - New 2017 Pics + Video!

Tonopah, NV 

    Tonopah Army Air Field, NV

    Tonopah Cemetery, NV

    Tonopah Central Nevada Museum

    Tonopah Historical Mining Park

Treasure City, NV

Tule Corral, NV 

Turquoise Bonanza Mine, NV

Tunnel Camp, NV

Tybo, NV

Vanderbilt Mine, NV 

Viking Mine, CA  

Vindicator Mine, NV

Volcano Mountain, NV

Ward, NV

War Eagle Mine, CA

Warm Springs, NV

    Warm Springs Mine, NV

Warner Corral, NV 

Westgate Mill, NV

West Dolomite Mine, CA  

West Lodi Mine, NV  

White Wolf Mine, NV

Wide Awake Mine, NV

Willow Creek Ranch, NV

Willow Spring, CA 

Windy Point Mine, CA (aka New Method Mine) 

Many more to come!

I’ve been exploring old ghost towns, mines, mining camps, and other abandoned places for over 30 years. Now that I have my own website I’m trying to get as many of them documented as possible. These fascinating, historic sites are rapidly decaying; many have fallen prey to vandals or fire.

Every year I visit new sites and revisit old ones, so I’m always adding new photos to these pages. I also have tons of old prints and slides from past trips which I’m trying to scan and post as time allows.

It’s my hope that my photos will be useful as reference to ghost town buffs; and to those who enjoy building scale models of old buildings and mining structures, for model railroads or other purposes. In many cases, higher resolution versions are available on request.

Email me at if you have any questions about these sites, new information to provide, or to report broken links. Some images are also available for sale as 8x10 prints.

Now with VIDEO!

I have recently started shooting video of the sites I visit, whenever possible. I have a lot of videos from my 2017 trip, and will post more in the future. The pages for each site will have a link to the video for that site. You can also see all the videos from my 2017 trip, in chronological order, with this playlist:

2017 Nevada & Mojave Trip - Video Playlist