Ghost Towns and Mines


Located in the south end of Stone Cabin Valley. Gold ore was found here in 1905 and a town was formed the following year. Population soon reached 200, but there wasn’t enough profitable ore and the town was a ghost by 1909. Occasional activity took place over the next few decades. In the 1970’s a large scale leaching operation destroyed most of the town ruins.

Currently there is little remaining here. Just a lot of old boards, the ruins of a concrete building, some stone walls, and several mine shafts. Up until the late 1990’s the was still a large headframe over one of the mine shafts, but now there is no trace of it.

I found two pallets of drilling chemicals here, along with some threaded pipes that might be used in drilling. They looked almost new but had been there at least a few weeks or months. When I got home, a quick Google search showed that the company which owns all the claims in the area has been doing exploratory drilling over the past two years or more.

Posted August 2012.

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