Ghost Towns and Mines


The trail through Goler Canyon features stunning scenery of towering cliffs and craggy peaks. Springs attract wildlife, including burros, and often send water flowing down the trail. Old mines are perched precariously on the mountainsides, and some have the remains of aerial cable trams that once brought ore down to bins in the bottom of the canyon.

A lone cabin is hidden among the trees in a wide spot of the canyon. The cabin was built over 80 years ago by a miner from Ballarat named Billy Hyder. After his passing, the cabin and nearby claims were worked and maintained by Hyder’s cousin, Hal Newman. The Newman family kept up the cabin and mines for many years and thus the Newman name became associated with the cabin.

The cabin’s frame was built from lumber salvaged from the Wingate monorail. The siding is planks from old crates. Currently the interior of the cabin is kind of gross, with lots of rodent droppings and spiderwebs.

Also in Goler Canyon: The Lotus Mine, CA

July 2016: Added scanned slides from 1990.

August 2016: Added new photos.

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