HAKO Ballistics


Camera Timers  New item! In stock now!

These programmable timers are designed to activate the shutter of a camera at set intervals. Although they are primarily intended for use with the popular Olympus Stylus Epic, they can be used for many other brands and models of camera.

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Due to a variety of issues, I’ve been out of production for a while. Most of my the nosecones and booster hardware are no longer in stock, but I do have a few items left.

SRB-style Booster Nosecones

2.6” Stubby Conical Nosecone

4” Upscale Argosy Nosecone (out of stock)

4” Long Conical Nosecone (out of stock)

Mini Booster Hardware (out of stock)

High Power Booster Hardware (out of stock)

I also sell Rocket Aerial Photos!


Ray’s Rocketry Page

Want the scoop on building camera payload rockets? Looking for information about sport rocketry? Want to see some cool liftoff photos? You can find it all and more here!