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This is one of my favorite sites in Nevada, and is located in the Hamilton mining district of White Pine County. The mill complex features a large main building with an aerial tram terminal at the top. Nearby are the blacksmith’s shop, assay lab, mill office, bunkhouses, cabins and other structures. The aerial cable tram was used to transport ore from the mine three miles away and almost 9000 feet up the side of Pogonip Ridge. The tram cables are still intact.

I’ve had difficulty finding any information about this mine and mill. All I know so far is that it was started sometime in the early 1900’s by the Tonopah-Belmont Development Mining Co. Buildings behind the mill appear to have been occupied as recently as the 1970’s.

I have some great aerial video of this site:

Note that this site should not be confused with the town of Belmont which is in Nye County, NV. This site is in the Hamilton District, near the ghost town of Hamilton, NV.

I’ve created a second page just for the Belmont mine, at the upper end of the aerial tram. Click the photo at right, or click this link to go to the Belmont Mine page.

Updated August 2017.

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Hamilton District - Belmont Mill, NV