The In-ko-pah Railroad


The railroad was built on a steep slope in our backyard. To begin, I had to remove the ice plant, build a concrete block retaining wall, dig out the upper area of the hill and fill in the lower end. The photos below document the process to date. Click on these links for more information about specific features:

    Building Plate Girder Bridges

    Building A Through Plate Girder Bridge  New!

    Building Trestles

    Building Tunnels

        Upgrading the Tunnels - 2011

   Building a Concrete Viaduct

    Building a Stone Retaining Wall

    Building a Stone Arch Bridge (Part One)

    Building a Stone Arch Bridge (Part Two)

    Disguising Electrical Junctions


    Dos Manos (Town)

    Rebuilding The Cliffs - 2010

    2011 Repairs and Upgrade Project 

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Last updated January 2, 2010.