The In-ko-pah Railroad

The third building in the town of
Dos Manos is a bakery called Cora’s Cakes. It’s named for one of our grand-daughters. It’s a two-story, wood-frame structure with a residence upstairs. It is made entirely of styrene.

The basic structure was finished in October 2009. At that time, it had no lighting, signs or interior details. Eventually I decided it would house a bakery. I built the interior, added lighting, signs and a few other details, and finally finished it in June 2011. In 2014 I replaced the incandescent “grain of rice” bulbs with LEDs.

October 2019 -- After ten years of constant exposure the flaws in the building’s construction are evident. The plastic “glass” in the windows has yellowed, fogged, and warped. The canopy glue used to hold it in place has failed, and some of the panes have fallen out. The working double-hung windows upstairs are too flimsy and have warped.

The false front at the top has also warped, creating a gap in the roof that allows rain into the structure. For access to the interior, the second story lifts off, along with the roof -- but even slight warping or shrinkage of the material has led to gaps at those joints. On top of these flaws, the paint has also become faded and worn (beyond the intentional weathering effects).

Since there is no easy way to repair the damage and fix the underlying problems, I’ve decided to replace the building. The new building will have the same basic design but will be constructed using my current, improved, methods and materials.

January 31, 2020 -- The replacement building is now finished!

Updated January 2020.

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