The In-ko-pah Railroad

The fourth building in the town of Dos Manos is an old-fashioned drug store. It’s a two-story structure made of real stone and mortar, with styrene details. The lighted interior includes literally hundreds of tiny, handmade bottles and packages.

This elaborate building was finished it in July 2010.

In November 2020 the building was in need of repairs and upgrades. The incandescent “grain of rice” bulbs had all burned out; the clear plastic used in the windows had become yellow, foggy, and cracked; and the paint was badly worn and faded on most of the faux wood parts. The large sign on the front of the building was also faded.

I am currently in the process of replacing the incandescent bulbs with long-lasting LEDs. I’m also replacing the window plastic with real glass, repainting the faux wood sidewalk and balcony, repainting the “DRUGS” sign, cleaning the interior and making other small repairs as needed.

Below you’ll find photos showing how this building was constructed as well as how it was later repaired and upgraded.

Updated January 2021.

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