The In-ko-pah Railroad



I finally finished the Dos Manos Depot in December 2016. This is the largest of three depots I have planned for the layout. I first began planning this back in 2008, and created a rough design using a very old 3D modeling and rendering program. At the time this depot was going to be the first building in the town of Dos Manos. But then I realized that I should get some experience with a few simpler buildings before attempting one as large and complex as this. It’s a good thing I put it off, because I’m going to be using much different materials and construction methods than I would have back then.

For this structure, I wanted to capture the “flavor” of a typical small, Western mining town. I also decided to use some elements of Mission Revival architecture, to give it a bit of southwestern influence. This type of architecture was popular during the early part of the century, and influenced depots in many southwestern locations, including Kingman, Arizona and the ghost town of Rhyolite, Nevada.

The building has a wainscot of rough-faced, quarry stone blocks of pink sandstone. The rest of the structure is made to look like broken, light tan sandstone in random courses. The roof will be covered with Spanish tile. There will be a shaded waiting area at the east end, and a freight or baggage room at the west end.

The basic structure is made of 6mm thick Sintra PVC foam board.

Updated December 2, 2016.

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