The In-ko-pah Railroad



There is still much work to do on the layout. There are still two bridges which have not been built -- simple wooden planks serve as temporary bridges in those locations. One passing siding and two spurs have not yet been installed.

Of course, as a scenery and scratch-building fanatic, I see the railroad as a perpetual work in progress. Constructing the many buildings, mines and other structures will be an ongoing project for many years. The buildings will all have detailed interiors and realistic lighting.

A few areas of the terrain still need a little work. Creating and installing the thousands of scale plants is another long-term project, as well as sculpting more miniature people and wildlife.

I also plan to kitbash some new locomotives, and scratch-build some rolling stock.

Beyond the railroad itself, I also want to improve the lower yard and patio area. I want to remove the old kennel fencing at the east end of the yard, and the dog house on the west end.  The large pile of soil which was removed from the slope has been turned into a raised viewing area, which still needs some work. I would like to have a second gate put into the wrought iron fence, to eliminate the existing bottleneck and reducing crowding during open house days.

I also want to remove the metal shed which currently blocks the view of the railroad, and replace it with a long, low horizontal structure along the retaining wall. The loose concrete blocks which form the steps from the patio to the railroad level need to be replaced with permanent wooden stairs with handrails.

Updated September 10, 2010