The In-ko-pah Railroad


At the upper end of Cora Canyon there is a steep, rocky mountainside called Grandt Cliff. The cliff supports a mining complex and tram, called the Cliffside Mine. At the base of the cliff is a small, decrepit mining town which is also called Grandt Cliff.

The hoist house, headframe and other structures of the Cliffside Mine were some earliest buildings on the layout.

In 2012 I added a miner’s cabin, water tank and outhouse at the east end of the town site.

In May 2015 I started building a small shack as a test to see how well Sintra PVC foam board could be used to model a wooden structure. I didn’t have a specific place for it on the layout, so I decided it would work for the town of Grandt Cliff.

I chiseled out some of the rocks at the base of the cliff and began creating foundations for this shack and for two or three other small buildings. One of them will be a railroad depot.

“Grandt Cliff” is a tribute to pioneer modeler Cliff Grandt, founder of Grandt Lines, a company that makes high quality detail parts for model railroad hobbyists.

Last updated June 7, 2015.

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Above: The town of Grandt Cliff, and the vertical mountainside of the same name. At upper right is the Cliffside Mine and tram -- these were the first structures at the site. The miner’s cabin at lower left was built in 2011 and installed in early 2012. In May 2015 I began preparing the site for the buildings below the mine. I also started work on the first of these buildings, which will be a small shack selling sandwiches and cold drinks.

You can follow along on the construction of these buildings by clicking on these links:

Building #1 -- Miner’s Cabin 

Building #2 -- Serenity’s Sandwich Shack

Building #3 --