The In-ko-pah Railroad

When I began modeling the buildings for the In-ko-pah Railroad, I was using incandescent “grain-of-rice” bulbs. These tiny bulbs were cheap and convenient, easily fitting into scale light fixtures.

Rated for 16 volts, I figured they would last a long time on the 10-12 volt power supply I was using. Sadly, they’ve been very inconsistent. Some of the very first lights I used still are going strong, but many of the others have needed to be replaced frequently.

So I decided to switch to using LEDs.

I get LEDs from this supplier:

They have a variety of sizes ranging from tiny “nano” and surface mount, up to 3mm and 5mm. Each LED comes with a tiny circuit wired into the leads, which automatically provides the correct voltage and polarity. This is a big plus if you’re “electronically challenged” like me.

So far I’ve just converted two buildings -- the bakery and the rock shop.

Posted October 13, 2014.

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