The In-ko-pah Railroad


The second building in this town is a two-story brick building. The exterior of the building was completed in 2014, with the exception of the interior and lights.

In January 2021 I began work on adding the interior details and lighting. That work was completed in early 2022.

This was my first attempt at modeling a brick building. I used “Sintra” PVC foam board for the basic structure. The “bricks” are scribed into the surface.

The first few scale feet at the base of the building will be covered with cast resin “stone” blocks, the same type used on the building next to this one. I will also be creating resin “stone” blocks for the arches over the windows and doorway.

As on my previous Sintra structures, I’m primarily using two types of glue: For large PVC-to-PVC joints, I use PVC pipe cement. For smaller joins requiring more precise application, and for attaching styrene to PVC, I use Weldon-16.

The resin blocks were glued to the building using thick cyanoacrylate adhesive, aka “super glue”. I used a paintable silicone sealant to glue them to the concrete foundation.

I get the “Sintra” PVC foam board from this supplier:

The material for the silicone mold is called OoMoo 30. I like this stuff because you mix it in equal parts by volume, not by weight, so you don't need a fancy scale. It's also pretty forgiving of minor inaccuracies, so you don't have to worry about being super precise. It's made by Smooth-On, but I get it from this art supplier:

The urethane resin I use is also made by Smooth-on, and is just as easy to use as the silicone rubber. It's called Smooth-Cast 300:

Updated May 2022.

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