The In-ko-pah Railroad


The brick hardware store turned out so well, I decided to make the next building brick as well. It’s a single-story structure,  loosely based on a former hotel and general store in Eureka, NV. The fictional history of this building is that it was originally a billiard parlor, with a single door flanked by a window on either side. Later the interior was divided and one of the windows was replaced with a second door. The building currently houses an old-fashioned radio repair shop, and a barbershop.

As of January 31, the radio repair shop is finished. It has complete interior details including vintage and antique radios, test equipment, stocks of vacuum tubes, tools, and even a tube radio chassis on the workbench. All these details were scratch-built! In July 2018 I finally created the interior details and lighting for the barbershop.

I used “Sintra” PVC foam board for the basic structure. The “bricks” are scribed into the surface. For more details about this, see my page for the brick hardware store:  Building #2 -- Brick Hardware Store

As on my previous Sintra structures, I primarily used two types of glue: For large PVC-to-PVC joints, I use PVC pipe cement. For smaller joins requiring more precise application, and for attaching styrene to PVC, I use Weld-On 16.

I get the “Sintra” PVC foam board from this supplier:

Updated July 30, 2018.

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