The In-ko-pah Railroad


The first building in the town of Grandt Cliff is this little miner’s cabin. It’s a replica of a cabin I saw in Ione, a former mining town in central Nevada. The prototype cabin was on private property and surrounded by tall weeds and junk, so I only had two photos, taken at a distance.

There are several unique features which give this little shack a lot of character:

  1. 1.The homemade metal awnings over the windows. One of these appears to be made from part of the roof of an early automobile.

  2. 2.The distinctive stovepipe with its fancy clay cap.

  3. 3.The window cut into the old door.

The model was made of styrene, carefully textured and painted to resemble old, weathered wood. The awnings and the corrugated roofing are made of brass.

Later on I’ll post some photos showing how this building was constructed, but for now here are pics of the finished model.

Updated April 10, 2012.

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