The In-ko-pah Railroad


This mine is still under construction. It was named for our oldest granddaughter. The “Princess Shilo Mine” is located in a prominent position at the southwest corner of the layout.

I wanted this mine to have a riveted steel ore bin similar to one I’d seen at the Great Western Mine in Gold Point, NV.

The ore bin is made from a 6” diameter ABS tube and matching cone, from Plastruct. It is laminated with .010” styrene. The smaller rivets are embossed into the styrene. The large rivets are plastic moldings from Tichy Train Group, inserted into individually drilled holes.

So far, the ore bin is basically complete, save for a few small details. I have begun construction of the headframe. The hoist house and its foundation have not yet been built.

Updated October 2021.

Ore Cart Build!

See how I built this ore cart for the

Princess Shilo Mine.

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Princess Shilo Mine