The In-ko-pah Railroad


This town is still under construction.

Updated June 25, 2015.

Building #1 -- Miner’s Cabin 

Building #2 -- Serenity’s Sandwich Shack



My favorite part of the hobby is scratch-building, so all of the structures on the In-ko-pah Railroad are scratch-built, and many more are planned.

There will be three small towns. The largest is Dos Manos, on the lower level of the layout. A second town, called Mineral Ridge, is on the upper level of the layout. A third, smaller town called Grandt Cliff is under construction near the old miner’s cabin.

There will also be several mines -- some active, some abandoned.

Click the links below to see the various structures and how they were created.

Updated April 18, 2017.

This mine is still under construction.

January 25, 2014.