The In-ko-pah Railroad



March 11, 2006 -- I finally drew up a trackplan of the layout! It’s not 100% accurate but it’s close. Basically, the track is a long, dogbone shaped loop, folded into an overlapping “Z”.

At the top of the slope is a strip of level ground covered in iceplant, indicated by green on the plan. At the bottom of the layout is a gravel path, indicated by the speckled gray on the trackplan. The mountains rise from the path to the top of the slope, a height of twelve feet. The gravel path is at the top of a three-foot high retaining wall topped with a wrought iron fence. The layout is reached by going up the steps from the patio area and through a gate in the fence.

Concrete stairs are located at each end of the layout. These stairs have been given a simulated stone texture.

There is a path crossing the upper level of the layout. This path is hidden when the layout is viewed from below. Some of the steps along this path are removable panels used to access the longer tunnels.

Most of the structures and mines have not yet been built, and are not shown on the plan.

Click on the image for a larger view.