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Lead-silver ore was discovered here on the east flanks of the Lodi Hills in 1874. In 1875 the Illinois Mine was begun, sinking a shaft to a depth of 1000 feet. A 10-ton capacity smelter was also built nearby. By 1878 the population was over 100. The mine closed in 1881.

New discoveries were made in 1905 and the mine was reopened. Several other mines were started in the area. By 1909 a post office had opened, and a new 100-ton smelter was built. However, the smelter closed after only one month, and the post office was closed in 1910. High shipping costs were a major issue that kept the mines from being profitable. The last significant activity was a brief period in 1928.

This page is dedicated to the mill ruins. I’ve created a separate page for the Illinois Mine and cabins:

Illinois Mine, NV

Posted September 2014.

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Illinois Mill, NV