Ghost Towns and Mines


Silver was discovered in this area, high in the Toquima Range, in 1866. Production began in 1871. The town was divided into two sections about 3/4 of a mile apart: Lower Jefferson and Upper Jefferson. The ore ran out by 1881 and the town was abandoned. The town came back to life in 1908 and lasted another nine years. Later attempts to revive the mines were not successful, and the area was completely abandoned by the 1930s.

The lower town has the ruins of two mills, numerous stone cabins, and a larger stone building that may have been a store.

Because there is so much to see at this site, I’ve decided to provide a separate page for each area of interest. This page is dedicated to Lower Jefferson. Follow the link below to visit my Jefferson, NV page and see the other features of this historic mining complex.

Posted August 2013.

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Jefferson, NV - Lower Town