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The Keg Mine is a small mercury mine in the vicinity of the Mina Mine. The Keg Mine never produced much, and little is known about it. The claim was first located sometime prior to 1917.

The mine is near the top of a hill. The only structure at the mine is a small, narrow ore bin. Down in the canyon below the mine is a cabin partially hidden among the juniper trees. The cabin was once covered with rolled roofing material. Most of that material has rotted away, except in shaded areas under the eaves and on the north wall. A room added at the east end of the cabin is partially collapsed.

Behind the cabin is a root cellar made of low-grade concrete which is starting to fall apart. Down the canyon a ways is a well topped with a pump house.

I visited this site in 2020, and produced a video about this mine and the nearby Drew Mine:

Posted February 2021.

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Keg Mine, NV