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This was an early mill town at the mouth of Knickerbocker Canyon, a couple miles south of Ione, NV. The mill was built in 1865 and had twenty stamps and six furnaces. About 25 people occupied the site. The mill operated until 1875.

The mill reopened in 1887 to process ore from Grantsville, but closed two years later when the Grantsville Mill was built. It reopened once more in 1896, closing for the final time in 1897. In 1898 the mill’s equipment was dismantled and moved to Berlin, NV to be used in the mill there.

The ruins of the mill and a few stone cabins are all that remain. The stone work is remarkable and the ruins are quite attractive. However the site has a reputation for having numerous rattlesnakes, no doubt due to all the “nooks and crannies” among the rocks.

Posted September 2014.

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Knickerbocker, NV