Ghost Towns and Mines


The discovery of silver ore lead to the creation of the Robinson Mining District in 1869. By 1870 a small town had formed, which was initially called Mineral City. A mill and smelter were built, and within two years the town had a population of nearly 600 residents. But by 1880 district, and the town, had dried up.

In 1896 a wealthy investor named Charles D. Lane purchased many of the claims, reopened the mill, and built a power plant and water facilities. The town’s fortunes fluctuated for the next several years, until 1911 when the post office closed. Though the town had died, a few miners continued to live in the area until modern times.

Currently the ruins of several small buildings can be seen here. There is also a well-preserved schoolhouse.


Last updated September 2018.

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Lane City, NV