Launch Pad



This inexpensive launch pad is easy to use and easy to set up. It can be built using ordinary hand tools.

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Start with a 4” x 4” x 9” wooden post.

Drill a vertical hole for the launch rod. For launch rods up to 1/2” diameter, make this hole about 9/16” wide. Then drill a  horizontal hole intersecting the vertical hole. This will be for the bolt which holds the launch rod in place.

Insert a 1/4” T-nut into the horizontal hole, and use a sheetmetal screw to secure it in place. Insert a large eyebolt which can be tightened against the launch rod.

Use 8” x 10” shelf brackets for the legs.

Attach the brackets as shown, using sheetmetal screws.

The blast deflector can be made from galvanized sheetmetal, stainless steel, or anything else you might have handy that can withstand the heat and pressure. It should be secured with screws so that it can be easily replaced when necessary.

Currently I use hard drive blanks that I picked up cheap at a surplus store.

Use rocks to stabilize the pad.

On the field, place some heavy rocks, bricks, blocks or even sandbags on the legs of the pad to stabilize it. This compensates for the pad’s small “footprint”, and also prevents wind from blowing over the pad and rocket.

I have successfully used this pad with rockets up to 4” diameter, including a two-stage, K powered rocket that was over 10 feet long.