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Lookout City is located on a barren plateau, way up near the peak of Lookout Mountain. The town began as a mining camp in 1875. It was part of the Lookout Mining District which included the Modoc, Minnietta Star Belle, Carbonate, and Queen of Sheba mines. At its peak, Lookout City had more than 50 dwellings, five saloons, two general stores, a boarding house and restaurant, and a blacksmith’s shop and stable.

The town became a ghost when the Modoc mine shut down in 1878. In 1891 the town’s former constable bought the Snow Canyon mine and mill. With his new bride, he moved back to the abandoned town and mined another $65,000 worth of ore out of the Modoc mine. He died in 1898 following a runaway wagon accident that fractured his skull.

Currently the site is marked by the ruins of several stone buildings and numerous stone foundations.

Posted August 2016.

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Lookout City, CA