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The Lookout Mine is in the Good Hope (White Wolf) mining district of Esmeralda County, on the southwest flank of the Silver Peak Mountains. Little is known about the history of this site. There are reports of ore from this area being shipped out for processing prior to 1906. Some minor activity continued off and on, possibly as late as the 1960s, and an official report states that there was a resident (and unfriendly dog) at the site in 1982.

There are ruins of several stone buildings, cabins and dugouts at the base of the hill below the mine. On the hillside are the foundations and other debris from an early stamp mill.

The mine is a shaft near the top of the hill. The shaft is well-timbered and in good condition. It is topped with a small headframe of welded steel construction; obviously more recent vintage than the stone ruins. There is also a relatively modern hoist, which is missing its motor and possibly other parts. There are also some adits and/or shafts on the other side of the hill, but I didn’t make it over to that side.

Posted August 2016.

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Lookout Mine, NV