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This mine was discovered in 1913 when Thomas Pepper and Charles Keough were tracking two stray steers. The found an abandoned prospect and recognized the red mineral as cinnabar, a mercury ore. This was the first of many cinnabar claims in the area.

Ore from the mine was originally processed at the site in a small retort near the current ore bin. The men worked their claims consistently until 1918 when the end of World War 1 reduced the demand for mercury. The mine sat idle until 1939, when it was taken over by the Mina Development Company. The new owners built the large ore bin and trestles.

Trucks were used to haul ore from the bin down to the rotary furnace at the Mina Mine. The ore ran out in 1941 and the Lost Steers Mine has been idle ever since. Total production came to 397 flasks of mercury. A flask holds 76 pounds of mercury, or about 2.547 liters.

I visited this site in 2020 and got some great video:

Posted February 2021.

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Lost Steers Mine, NV