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McGill is located in east central Nevada, north of Ely. A large smelter was built there beginning in 1906, to process copper ore from the mine near Ely. Ore was brought to the smelter by the Nevada Northern Railway.  The railroad also provided passenger service and a rail connection to the rest of the nation.

McGill was a strict “company town”, with high-ranking officials living in an area known as the “Charmed Circle”. The rest of the town was segregated by nationality. There was no “red-light district” and very few saloons. The smelter was shut down in the late 1970’s. Its giant, 600’ tall smokestacks remained as landmarks, visible for miles around, until being demolished in 1993.

McGill is also home to the McGill Drugstore Museum.

Last updated August 2010.

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McGill, NV