On this page I’ll be showing photos of Megaweapon’s adventures both on the road and on the trail. More extensive trips, such as my annual trek to explore and document old mines, mining camps, and ghost towns, will be posted elsewhere on my site, with the links provided below.

Updated March 2019

To see some of my more recent adventures in Megaweapon, click this link:

    Megaweapon Adventures 2

For photos and discussion of Megaweapon’s modifications, click this link:

    Creating Megaweapon 

For additional photos of Megaweapon, click this link:

    Megaweapon Photos                                                                                     Megaweapon Miscellaneous

Megaweapon Trips: 

Click here to see the photos and info from my 2016 Nevada/Mojave trip!

Click here to see the photos, video, and info from my 2017 Nevada/Mojave trip!    

Click here to see videos from my 2019 Nevada/Mojave trip!    

Megaweapon Videos:   These were shot with my new DJI Mavic Pro camera drone, and feature Megaweapon in action:

Arroyo Seco        Cholla Trails        Badlands Afternoon        Desolation Road            Boulders

Megaweapon Hits The Trail 2016

This is a fun little video I put together showing some off-road action and scenes from my 2016 Nevada/Mojave trip.

Megaweapon Hits The Trail 2017   

A “teaser trailer” showing highlights from my 2017 Nevada/Mojave trip.

My first off road trip with the new 4Runner, in March 2016:

    Borrego Trip March 2016

More photos of Megaweapon’s adventures in the Anza-Borrego desert, from various short trips in 2017:

    Anza-Borrego Trips 2017  

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